Spreadsheets for Teams

The first spreadsheet built for together

Say goodbye to clunky, static endless grids. Quip’s team-driven spreadsheets are modern, social, and contextual. Behind every number there’s a kick-ass team.

Living docs in Quip

Teams using Quip are 46% more productive*

Familiar look, all-new swagger

Use a familiar interface and 400+ functions to create mega-reports or simple, bite-sized tables. Use your old spreadsheet tricks and the new ones that make Quip great.

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Spreadsheets, meet Living Documents

Tell a story about your data by adding spreadsheets to your documents to give context and visibility. No more one off PPTs or lengthy email threads - everything your team needs to know about your data is at their fingertips.

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There’s no ‘I’ in spreadsheets

Work with your team, not your spreadsheet. Edit, discuss, and stay updated in real-time and in context. @mention your teammates to bring them directly into a cell in your spreadsheet.

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Spreadsheets anywhere, anytime

Access, create, edit, or discuss your spreadsheets wherever you go from your phone or tablet. Long flight? Get out your laptop and dive into your spreadsheets offline - your changes will merge as soon as you have a connection.

spreadsheets in Quipspreadsheets in Quip

Project manager super powers

Build a single-source of truth for your next roadmap or project where everyone can contribute and stay up-to-date. Assign tasks to your team and hit your next major deadline.

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*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

“Quip Spreadsheets are the most collaborative spreadsheets I’ve ever used. Our team loves them. Everyone has access, you always discuss data in context, and embedding spreadsheets in docs is a total game-changer.” Ashu Khaitan Product Manager, Instacart

The stuff that counts

Everything your team needs to be productive and organized in one place.

IMPORT / EXPORT – Bring things into Quip, or take them out, as you need to

VERSION HISTORY – Get a clear picture of who changed what, and when

PERMISSIONS - Set permissions at group, document, and folder levels

PUSH NOTIFICATIONS – Customize notifications to your liking and stay up to speed

LINKING – Easily link to any doc, spreadsheet, folder, or chat room for easy access

OFFLINE – Drive your docs forward with Quip’s auto-syncing desktop app

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Quip documents are smart, contextual, and full of life. Try Quip with your team for free today.