Live Apps

Make Quip's customers your customers.

Example Apps

Explore the open-source code of an example app.

To learn how to run these live apps yourself, go through the Getting Started tutorial first.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a simple demo app that allows that users to display a list of files from their Google Drive account. This is a great example of how to authenticate users in your app.

view it on github


Spotify is a basic iframe app that converts pasted song links and playlist links into mini Spotify players. This is a great example of how to iframe widgets that already exist and embed them into Quip. It also shows how to intercept links pasted into Quip documents and convert them into apps.

view it on github

Kanban Board

Kanban Board is an interactive app that allows anyone to drag cards between columns to indicate the status of tasks. This is a great example of a complex app with animations, commenting, offline support, and rich text boxes.

view it on github


Calendar allows anyone to add events to team calendar. This is a great example of how to change an app's layout on smaller screens, commenting, offline support, and rich text boxes.

view it on github


Poll allows anyone on a document to vote on their favorite option or add a new one. This is a great example of using responsive sizing, commenting, posting messages to the activity log, offline support, rich text boxes, and using Quip user information.

view it on github


Countdown allows everyone to see how much time is left before a big event. It is a very simple app that uses Quip's date picker component and color scheme.

view it on github

Process Bar

Process Bar allows anyone to change the status of a process or add new steps. This is a simple example of how to use Quip's color scheme, rich text boxes, and commenting.

view it on github

Project Tracker

Project Tracker allows people to assign projects, set deadlines, and attach files.

view it on github

jQuery Hello World

jQuery Hello World shows how to use the Live Apps API without using React. We recommend using React but it is not required.

view it on github

Questions? Ask our team and the Quip developer community over at the Salesforce Stack Exchange.