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The New Mobile Productivity Suite

You should be able to start working on a document at your laptop, pick up where you left off in a conference room using your iPad, and make some last minute edits from your iPhone in an elevator. When you switch to Quip, you can say goodbye to inconsistent mobile and desktop connections and hello to the new mobile productivity suite. You can finally work from anywhere, without fail.

Easy editing on any screen size

Are you tired of pinch-zooming your documents so you can read them? We made sure all documents in Quip are auto-magically formatted to fit whatever screen size you're using — whether it's a phone, a tablet, or your laptop. That means when you open a file from your boss on your phone as you head in to work, it will be the right size for your screen — easy to read, and easy to edit.

Fast transitions between devices

With Quip, you can always pick up right where you left off when you switch between devices: All of your document changes are synced instantaneously. If you pick up your phone while you're editing at your desk, you'll be able to see your changes and continue editing in your cab on the way to the airport. You will never have to download a file or worry about having the wrong version again.

Work online or offline

We live in a world of unpredictable connectivity — you never know when you'll hit a dead zone or the Wi-Fi will stop working on your flight. Quip keeps working on any device when your Internet stops. That means you can continue creating documents, making edits, and sending messages while you're offline. As soon as your Internet connection returns, your edits will sync with the network.

Useful notifications

Project updates are essential to collaboration, but not all notifications are created equal. That's why you can set separate notification rules for your desktop and mobile devices when you use Quip. Go ahead and limit your mobile push notifications to the important stuff, like read receipts, so you know exactly when your messages and mentions are viewed. You can also get notified again when someone makes edits to a document you sent. No more wondering if that email attachment ever got downloaded.

No matter where your work takes you, Quip always comes along for the ride. Quip is your secret weapon, letting you communicate and collaborate from the comfort of your office or in a busy departure gate — and everywhere in between.

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