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Your Spreadsheets Online, Any Device, Anywhere

Quip has reinvented the idea of the spreadsheet: simple, collaborative, easy to edit on any device, online or offline, integrated with the rest of your work. Say goodbye to email attachments and incompatible file formats. With Quip's integrated, online spreadsheets, you can:

Collaborate with other people

Not so long ago, you were expected to work on a complex problem alone and then turn it in for feedback. In today’s fast-moving world, it's essential to work with other people throughout the process. With Quip, you can chat with your team in the thread next to the spreadsheet and you can also easily see the edits that your team is making in the same thread. Viewing the real-time edits makes it easy to revert a change you don’t like, discuss an edit that’s controversial, or even “like" it to show your agreement.

Enjoy a clean, beautiful editing experience

With Quip, all of the important features you need are included in the same simple format. There’s not toolbars or excessive buttons crowding your experience. With Quip, the formatting and style options you need appear in the context of what you’re doing. Editing a spreadsheet? You’ll see the toolbar appear as soon as you place your cursor in the cell. Need to insert a formula? Simply type “=” and the list of formulas will appear.

Use integrated features

Sending a spreadsheet back and forth over email is cumbersome, and switching screens between chat and your spreadsheet is annoying. Thanks to Quip's integrated approach, collaborating on a project that includes spreadsheets just got a whole lot easier. Now you can combine documents, tasks, and spreadsheets on a single page. You can even reference spreadsheet cells inside a document.

Access data from anywhere

Ever had a delightful experience editing a spreadsheet on your phone? We didn’t think so. With Quip, editing and collaborating is as easy on your phone as it is on your laptop. Quip’s spreadsheets automatically reformat for whatever screen size you’re on. You can even work offline, and your changes will be saved as soon as you connect back to the internet.

Import and export documents

When you work with Quip, you can import other documents in just a few seconds. Whether you have an XLS, CSV or OpenOffice File, adding it to your Quip work space is a breeze. Don't worry, you can also export your Quip work to Microsoft Excel.

Quip makes your whole team move faster. How will collaborative spreadsheets change your workflow? The possibilities are endless. Interested in finding out more about how your team can use Quip?

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