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Team Chat With Docs, Spreadsheets, and Tasks

Whether you're working on a business plan or crafting a press release, getting feedback from other people — your colleagues, your friends — is invaluable. At Quip, we believe the best work gets created faster when it is simple for you to collaborate with your team. That's why every document created in Quip offers its own discussion thread, so it's easy to have the discussion about your content, revise it, and reach a final draft or a final decision in one place. Now you can discuss your documents with anyone in the office — without creating a 40-email chain.

While chat conversations about your documents are important, we know there are plenty of other topics to discuss on a daily basis, like upcoming meetings, lunch, hilarious jokes, and big picture projects. Enter Quip Chat Rooms.

Create a simple place for your whole team to talk

Chat Rooms are channels for ongoing team discussions. Your team can talk about anything in Quip, whether or not it's attached to a document: create a company Chat Room for everyone to hear important announcements; a humorous chat room where people can blow off steam; a WFH/OOO chat room where people can broadcast their plans to be out of the office; and more.

Easily reference relevant documents

You can @-mention documents in any message in a Chat Room, and all recently mentioned documents show up next to the chat so you can easily get back to them. You can also create a new document and share it with everyone in the chat with the click of a button — a great way to transition from a design discussion to a design document, taking everyone in the chat with you.

Integrate with other tools

You can also use team chat to communicate with your other apps and services. You can see mentions of your company on Twitter, reviews of your app from the iTunes App Store, documents added to the team Dropbox, and more. Quip is compatible with hundreds of programs, and also integrates with IFTTT and Zapier so you can set up your own custom integrations.

Enjoy a new take on notifications

You want to be notified about important updates to your projects and documents, but you don't want to be swimming in notifications. We get it. That's why Quip lets you customize your notifications: you can limit your notifications to direct responses only, so you only get notified when someone mentions or responds to you; and you can also specify which notifications to get on your mobile device, on your desktop, and in your email. If something important is afoot you can mention @everyone to keep the whole team in the loop.

Check out our fun add-ons

Nobody said work can't be fun, at least not the Quip team. In fact, we believe the tools you use at work should be as fun to use as the products you use to communicate with your friends. With the aid of emojis, a custom meme creator, social features, and more, your Chat Room can be as entertaining as it is functional.

How will you use Quip chats to make your life easier? The possibilities are endless.

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