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Quip is built for teams – complete projects, finalize budget plans, and make decisions together. Get your own domain, shared folders to breakdown silos, and @mentions to connect with your teammates. Make teamwork fun again.

Set up a team site

Say goodbye to team emails

Tired of using email to share and discuss work with your team? Quip eliminates internal emails so there is less work about work. No more long email threads, context switching, or version control with crazy_file_naming_FINALv8.doc. Create, share, and discuss everything in one place.

Give everyone visibility and access

Quip’s documents and spreadsheets are perfect for building and sharing project plans, meetings notes, budgets, and more. Everyone on your team has visibility, access, and the tools, like @mentions, to build mission-critical documents together.

Bring your whole team in Quip

Set up a team site

Spark discussions in context

Give targeted feedback and ask questions about specific words and cells in your work. Use @mentions to bring your teammates into discussions where there's context and it's easy to jump in and contribute.

All your team’s work in one place

Centralize and organize your team, department, or project work into shared Quip folders. Quip gives your team the visibility and access needed to make valuable contributions and better decisions.

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