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Say goodbye to clunky, static endless grids.
Quip’s team-driven spreadsheets are modern, social, and contextual.

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A familiar look with fresh features

We took a familiar interface, and infused it with 400+ functions so you can create everything from mega reports to bite-sized tables. Everything you’d expect from your old spreadsheets, with new Quip tricks.

Spreadsheets, meet living documents

Use your data to tell stories by embedding them right in your documents. Give context and visibility without the hassle of file attachments or email threads — everything there is to know about your data will be front and center.

There’s no ‘I’ in spreadsheets

We’ve given spreadsheets a complete collaboration overhaul. Edit, discuss, track context, and stay updated in real time. Use @ mentions to bring your teammates directly into the conversation — or directly into an individual cell.

Spreadsheets anywhere, anytime

Access, create, edit, or discuss your spreadsheets wherever you go from your phone or tablet. Long flight? Dive into your spreadsheets offline - your changes will merge as soon as you have a connection.

spreadsheets in Quipspreadsheets in Quip

What your team gets:


Collaborative docs that combine communication and content in docs that come alive.

cloud-delivered team work

We’ve invested in the most-advanced always on secure, reliable & auto-sync cloud platform for you.

Spreadsheets for Teams

Team-oriented spreadsheets that organize data and your projects for team happiness.

secure mobile collaboration

Award-winning mobile apps on Android and iOS make your team move at the speed of work.

Group Chat within & without a doc

Keep your team in sync with the smartest group chat capabilities offered on this planet.

integrations, support & more

Integrations with top companies like Slack, Atlassian, and many more.


Track your personal to-do list, project milestone list, or your team’s weekly priority list.

Offline desktop app

Edit and discuss Quip docs offline. Your updates sync as soon as you have an Internet connection.


Stay up to date on your most important docs with change and read receipt notifications.

Work less dumb with Quip

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