Salesforce Anywhere Learning Path: Chat and Alerts (beta)

This learning path is designed to get you successfully using Salesforce Anywhere: Chats and Alerts (beta) in no time. Choose one on your topic of interest or watch them all for a comprehensive overview of Salesforce Anywhere Chats and Alerts.

Resources: Chat with Teammates Inside Salesforce (Beta), Get Customized Alerts About Changes to Salesforce Data (Beta), Set Up Salesforce Anywhere (Beta), Manage Salesforce Anywhere (Beta) and Help Your Users Succeed with Salesforce Anywhere (Beta)

An Introduction to Salesforce Anywhere

This video is a great place to start, it covers what Salesforce Anywhere is and how to access it. Get introduced to Salesforce Anywhere in Mobile and Lightning and start collaborating today!

Resources: Help Your Users Succeed with Salesforce Anywhere (Beta)

Get Started with Salesforce Anywhere

In this video, we’ll take a brief look at each of the tabs in the Salesforce Anywhere mobile app, and how Lightning works together with the mobile app to create a more seamless, collaborative experience.

Using Chat in Salesforce Anywhere

This video covers everything you need to know to start chatting in context with Salesforce Anywhere. See Chat in action in mobile and Lightning and see how Chat Actions such as sending Salesforce Data can transform the way you collaborate with your team.

Resources: Chat with Teammates (Beta)

Leverage CRM data with Salesforce Anywhere

In this video, we’ll take a deeper look into the Salesforce Anywhere mobile app’s search capabilities, and how to take action on your customer data with the Action tab.

Resources: Search and View Salesforce Records (Beta) and Search and View Salesforce Data (Beta)

Subscriptions & Alerts in Salesforce Anywhere

Unlock the power of Salesforce Anywhere with subscriptions to customized alerts. This video covers how to set and edit subscriptions so you can leverage your real-time Salesforce data to make better business decisions.

Resources: Salesforce Activities in Quip and Update Data with Actions (Beta)