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Manufacturers are being squeezed in all directions, and you need to find a way to stay ahead. With Quip, you can make every step of the manufacturing process more efficient—from design and production, to communication with suppliers, and field service teams.


Mass produce success with the #1 collaboration platform from Salesforce
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Make decisions faster

Accelerating design, production, and distribution has never been easier. Social @mentions, built-in chat, and inline comments enable decisions to happen in context.

37% faster project completion*

Keep production
momentum rolling

With Quip, manufacturers never get slowed down by long email chains about bill of material changes or non-conformity reports. Quip’s best-in-class mobile app and Salesforce integrations make collaborating around issues more seamless.

46% more productivity*

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Communicate seamlessly

Quip breaks down internal and external silos that hurt production, field service coordination, and worker morale. All-in-one Quip docs give everyone access to the latest information.
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50% better communication*

*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

Manufacturing at full-speed

Move business forward faster with modern collaboration.

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    Constant progress

    Co-editing and real-time chat help foster a culture of action.

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    High-value work

    Make Quip even more powerful for your teams with built-in calendars, spreadsheets, kanban boards, and more.

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    Mobile work that works

    One version of the same doc that’s always up to date —and accessible anywhere.

Equip your team for success

Quip docs are smart, contextual, mobile-first and help manufacturers work more efficiently. Try Quip with your team for free today.


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