Documents with superpowers

Faster than an email thread. More powerful than a three-hour meeting. Able to bring your team together in a single doc. Quip is here to save the workday.

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Way more than a document

A Quip doc is your team's collaboration headquarters. Insert Live Apps for calendars, Kanban boards, videos, images, and polls. Or, build your own.

Collaboration is our service

Bring conversation to the places your team needs it most. Add comments and @mentions to any Live App so your team can make decisions faster.

A new kind of mobile app

Live Apps work on your phone because you need them to. View, update, and discuss your work from anywhere so you can keep momentum rolling.

Get more done with your team every day

Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.

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Quip is great for launching initiatives, building spreadsheets, and working closely with teammates. Start a free trial of Quip today – no credit card required, all the Quip features, and unlimited users and storage. Get started now!