Release Notes

July 6, 2021

What's New

  • New Folder List View: We’ve introduced a whole bunch of functional and performance improvements to how folders look and how they’re organized. Among the changes you can expect to see: 1) All your multi-member folders in one view: No more having to decide between “Group” and “Shared” when you click into your folder view. Everything is in one place. 2) List view is now the default view: Why? It offers better access to sorting and bulk-organization features, and it makes it easier to understand how all your folders work together in Quip. 3) Global view settings: Now, grid and list views are a global setting, and the experience is consistent from folder to folder. 4) Member count and link-sharing: We're now automatically providing the member count in list view, and showing a little paperclip 📎 icon next to any folders or files that have link-sharing turned on. (Oh, and one last thing to note for admins: You can still create Group folders, with all the special permissions they entail. The only thing that's different is that users don't have to figure out what kind of folder they're looking for to know where to find it.) For Web, Desktop, and iOS

  • Improved Comment Navigation: We’ve added “Previous Thread” and “Next Thread” buttons so that you can more easily jump between comment threads without having to hunt each one down in the document. This works with not just your normal paragraph comments, but also comments in spreadsheets and on images as well! There is now also a comments menu (the ... button), behind which you can turn on “Show Comment Source” to always see a snippet of what the the comments are referencing, or archive (formerly known as “resolve”) the comment thread. For Web and Desktop

  • Alt Text Support: Want to make sure your Quip document is accessible to screen reader users? You can now add alt text to the images and GIFs you upload to your documents! For Web and Desktop

  • Document Outline on Mobile: We’ve just launch a new way to navigate your documents from the Quip mobile apps. Just tap the outline icon at the top of any doc (it looks a little like a list) then tap any heading to jump to that part of the document. For iOS and Android

Versions: Web, Mac 7.39.1, Windows 7.39.0, iOS 7.39.6, Android 7.39.0

June 29, 2021

What's New

  • Default Emoji Skin Tone: Diversity and inclusion are core qualities to Quip and we want to make it easier for you to represent yourself in the tools you use. We’re adding a way to set your default skin tone for your emojis in Quip. Open the emoji picker (that both appears in the message composer and when you try to react to a message) and click the new 👋 icon to set your preferred skin tone. For Web, Desktop, and iOS

Versions: Web

June 22, 2021

What's New

  • Filter for Conversation Pane Messages: Too much action in the Conversation pane to follow the actual conversation? Use the filter button in the top right to hide everything except the messages. For Web and Desktop

  • New Mobile Actions for non-Salesforce Live Apps: New mobile actions including insert/delete for non-Salesforce live apps - Kanban, Calendar, Poll, Process Bar, Project Tracker - now available on iOS. Learn more about Live Apps support on mobile here For iOS

Versions: Web, Windows 7.38.0, Mac 7.38.1

June 8, 2021

What's New

  • Keyboard Access for Section Menus: Keyboard-only users can now use Alt+Shift+C (Windows) or Option+Shift+C (Mac) to pull up the section menu for any paragraph, heading, or list in a document to access features like Edit History, Comments, or Copy Anchor Link. For Web and Desktop

  • Screen Reader Compatibility for Creating @ Mentions: The @-mention creation dialog is now compatible with screen readers. Learn more at For Web

  • Pasting Salesforce URLs Experience: Easily convert your Salesforce URLs to a Data Mention or Live App (Report, List, Record). Pasting a Salesforce Record URL auto-converts to a Data Mention. You can also manually convert URLs by clicking into the link menu and choosing “Salesforce Record/Report/List/Data Mention.” For Web and Desktop

  • Data Mentions (iOS Support): Last year, we introduced the ability to insert Salesforce Data Mentions and make record edits on the web and desktop apps so that you can collaborate on and update Salesforce data quickly. Now we’re bringing those same capabilities to the iOS app. Enjoy! For iOS

  • Android Navigation Redesign: Last year, we redesigned the desktop and iOS apps with an eye toward making it easier to find the stuff that’s most important to you. Now we’re bringing the same streamlined layout to the Android app. All your updates, folders, favorited docs, and recently opened docs are now in one simple tab called “Home.” No matter how you prefer to browse Quip, Home has you covered. For Android

Versions: Web, Windows 7.37.0, Mac 7.37.2, iOS 7.31.1, Android 7.37.0

May 18, 2021

What's New

  • Enhanced Template Mode Setup for Salesforce List View and Record Live Apps: Introducing the new streamlined UX for configuring templated List & Record live apps. This new flow simplifies setup by removing the need for mail merge syntax for most use cases. Note: this update requires users to mark documents as a Template to access the template setup for the Salesforce Record and List Live Apps. For Web

Bug Fixes

  • Paragraph Formatting Bug: Did you know you can triple-click to select an entire paragraph of text? That’s not specific to Quip—it’s a handy little shortcut you can use in lots of apps. What was unique to Quip was that if you triple-clicked a paragraph and then changed the paragraph formatting, we applied that formatting to the paragraph below it, too. Whoops. That’s fixed now. For Web and Desktop Apps

Versions: Web, Windows 7.36.0, Mac 7.36.0

May 4, 2021

What's New

  • Quick Peek: Take a quick peek at a Quip doc. If you’ve got a Quip document that contains links to other Quip documents, you can now hover over those links for a little thumbnail preview of the document that’s being linked to. Knowledge Article

  • Shift-Click for a Document Preview: Even cooler: Shift-click on a document almost ANYWHERE in Quip to open a full-sized preview of it without it taking over the tab. You can shift-click on docs in your All Files view, in your Updates feed, in your Notifications drawer, etc., to read its content and even respond to its comments without losing your place. Knowledge Article

  • Collapsible Sections: You’ll notice a little triangle next to your document headings now. Click it to collapse all the content between that heading and the next heading of the same size. Click it again to expand. This can be especially helpful for long document with lot of sections—like running meeting notes or long wikis. Also, up in the View menu, you’ll find commands to collapse ALL sections in a document, if you’re looking to start from a clean slate. Note that collapsing/expanding only affects your own view of the document—other folks won’t be affected by what you do here. :) Knowledge Article

Versions: Web, Windows 7.35.0, Mac 7.35.2, Android 7.36, iOS 7.35.0

April 28, 2021

What's New

  • Faster copy and paste in Spreadsheets: We made some improvements to copy and paste performance in Spreadsheets and it’s now approximately 30% faster to copy and paste cells when new rows and columns are created!

Versions: Web

April 20, 2021

What's New

  • Charts in Embedded Spreadsheets: We enabled the ability to add Charts to Spreadsheets embedded in Quip Documents. To do that, first insert a Spreadsheet into a Quip doc > click on the Spreadsheet to surface the Spreadsheet menu options at the top > Click on the Chart icon in the toolbar > finally, select a Chart type.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.34.2, Mac 7.34.3

March 23, 2021

What's New

  • Share Your Company’s Custom Templates at Scale (Template Library): Publish your company-wide templates to the Template Library’s company galleries from the Quip Admin Console. Company galleries make it easier to streamline and share your processes across your business.

  • Advanced Salesforce Search Filters: We added new advanced search filters to Quip search so that users can easily search for documents that contain Salesforce data or are associated with a record in Salesforce. Filter documents by object type (Accounts, Opportunities, etc.) or a specific record (Acme Inc, Ohana Opportunity, etc.). For Web and Desktop.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.32.0, Mac 7.32.0

March 16, 2021

What's New

  • A New Home for Accessibility Settings: We have organized all our accessibility settings into one place. Increased Contrast, OpenDyslexic Font, and the our new screen reader support features can now be found in Account Settings → Accessibility. For Web and Desktop.

  • Improved Screen Reader Support (beta): If you use NVDA/Chrome or VoiceOver/Safari, we are introducing some significant improvements to how Quip works with screen readers. Learn more at, and opt-in to the beta release by toggling Account Settings → Accessibility → Use Beta Screen Reader Features, or using the keyboard shortcut Command Option Z (Mac) or Control Alt Z (Windows). For Web.

  • Declutter Unedited Documents: "Untitled" documents with empty content will no longer clutter your Quip folder. Now, when you create a document or spreadsheet without edits and navigate away from the document, Quip will move that "Untitled" document to your Trash. For Web and Desktop.

  • Updates to Quip’s Slack App: We’ve made some changes to Quip’s Slack app to make it easier to do the most important things you do. Create documents and spreadsheets via the Shortcuts menu. Navigate to your recent documents from the new Quip app Home tab. Search through your list of channels (including your private ones, too) when connecting a Quip document to Slack. Additionally, we’ve streamlined our slash commands, removing welcome, notepad, copy, grab, alias, task, and checklist. Type /quip help to learn more about what our Slack app can do.

Versions: Web