Quip Templates

Whatever you’re trying to achieve, Quip has a template that can help you get started while still providing the flexibility to customize to meet your needs.

  • Account Plan

    The Salesforce Record Live App for Quip allows you to view, update, and discuss field data for Salesforce records from inside a Quip doc.

  • Case Swarms

    Close complex cases by combining live Salesforce data, real-time chat, and tasks in one place for service teams.

  • Campaign Plan

    Combine checklists, live Salesforce data, and real-time discussions to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign.

  • Live Deal Feed

    Build a live report of your sales business that sends instant notifications on which deals are closing and which aren’t.

  • Project Plan

    Build a project brief and project tracker in a single doc where stakeholders can stay in the know and take action.

  • Meeting Notes

    Run your next meeting by preparing an agenda, taking notes together, and assigning tasks afterward.






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