Do more, together

Quip is a connected hub where teams create, discuss, and organize their work from any device.

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Alle auf demselben Stand

Work is a team sport, so bring your team together through Quip’s living documents. Create, share, and discuss your docs and spreadsheets with your team in real time.

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Kommunizieren ohne E-Mail

Stop managing feedback through long email chains, or juggling multiple versions of a file.
 In Quip, there’s just one version of your work and every discussion has context.

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Work together anywhere

Modern teams work from multiple devices. Keep momentum rolling with Quip’s beautiful mobile app – create, edit, discuss, and find work away from your desk.

Get more done with your team every day

Quip combines documents, spreadsheets, checklists, and team chat in one place.

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Teams are more productive with Quip

Hear our customers tell you why they love working with their teams in Quip.

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We get it. Change is hard

Quip is great for launching initiatives, building spreadsheets, and working closely with teammates. Start a free trial of Quip today – no credit card required, all the Quip features, and unlimited users and storage. Get started now!