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Quip combines your team's work and communication in one central hub that's accessible from every device. Spend less time on meetings and email, and more time getting things done.


Documents that live and breathe teamwork

A Quip document is more than words on a page — it’s a canvas for real-time communication and collaboration. Watch your team’s workflow reinvent itself with dynamic documents, lists, tasks, spreadsheets, and @ mentions.

“Running a digital business today is a team sport. Quip enables our team to easily collaborate on live documents from any device, wherever we are.”

- Lew Cirne, Founder and CEO, New Relic

Living Documents in Quip
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Spreadsheets for teams

The first spreadsheet built for together

Say goodbye to clunky, static grids, and say hello to spreadsheets designed for teams. All the data-crunching goodness you expect, in a modern, social, and contextual interface.

“Our team loves Quip Spreadsheets. Everyone has access, you always discuss data in context, and embedding spreadsheets in docs is a total game changer.”

- Ashu Khaitan, Product Manager, Instacart

Spreadsheets for Teams
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Chat in Context

Talk about work where the work is happening

Chat is built into every document and spreadsheet, so it’s easy to discuss, revise, and reach final decisions right alongside your work — instead of losing them in email threads or chat apps.

“As a distributed team, having the conversation within the flow of the actual content is helpful.”

- Ryan Hoover, Founder, Product Hunt

Chat in Context
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A central hub

One place for everything

Stay organized and in sync with folders for teams, departments, and projects. Quip’s cloud-based docs and spreadsheets are constantly up to date with everyone’s edits, and give your team all the access and visibility they need to do their jobs.

“It’s pretty magical how many different programs and business processes Quip has replaced.”

- Rick Smith, CEO and Co-Founder, TASER

organize for Teams
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Bring your Salesforce data to life

Connect the world’s leading CRM to your favorite productivity suite. Add real-time Salesforce data to Quip’s living documents to make better decisions and work better together.

“Having live Salesforce data displayed alongside our work commitments in Quip will help keep us accountable, and unified as to how we measure our success.”

- George Davis, Salesforce Administrator, TASER

Image- Quip integrated with Salesforce
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*Customer Relationship Survey conducted September 2016 among 683 customers.

Live Apps

Documents with superpowers

Elevate your team’s work with interactive, customizable apps—calendars, project tools, live Salesforce data—you can collaborate on right inside a Quip doc.

Learn more

“Quip is not just a tool with features and functions. It’s a platform that can be built upon to really flourish and to give our colleagues exactly what they need.”

- Paul Cheesbrough, CTO, 21st Century Fox

Kanban Board
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  • functionTasks
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Grab your checklist

Quip has everything your team needs to work better together than ever before.

Import / Export

Bring things into Quip, or take them out, as you need to.

Version History

Get a clear picture of who changed what, and when.

Push Notifications

Customize notifications to your liking to stay up to speed.


Find the doc, spreadsheet, or folder you need on the first try.

Shared Folders

Organize your content in ways that make sense for your team.


Set permissions at group, document, and folder levels.

But wait, there’s more

Offline/Online – Drive work forward with auto syncing

SSO – With your Salesforce account or other third-party apps

Read receipts – Bring greater transparency to your work

1:1 messages – Directly message your team members

Linking – Easily link to any doc, spreadsheet, folder, or chat

Fun stuff – Let loose with emojis, Giphy, and memes