Introducing Live Apps for Quip

Elevate your team’s work with interactive, customizable apps you can use right inside Quip.

Bring collaboration to all your apps

Combine all the work and apps needed for any project in a single Quip doc. Never again waste time toggling between tools just to get things done.

Kanban Board

Organize work with your team by moving cards between columns.


Weigh options and make decisions with your team.


Plan, visualize, and share work over time.


Track time left until an event to keep your team aligned.

Salesforce Record

View and update records from Salesforce.

Process Bar

Define a process and track progress.

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Connect with the tools you use every day

Bring all your mission-critical apps into one place. Keep your team up to date, discuss with context, and make decisions that keep work moving forward.

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Some partner Live Apps are in development. Please check back soon!

Custom solutions to your hardest workflow problems

Live Apps give your team a single source of truth. Use these tools to create alignment, prioritize backlogs, and track progress together.

Build something as unique as your team

Use Quip’s extensible API to build your own Live Apps and make life even easier for your team. We have a ton of helpful documentation to help you get started.

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Quip is not just a tool with features and functions. It’s a platform that can really be built upon to really flourish and to give our colleagues exactly what they need.Paul CheesbroughCTO, 21st Century Fox
Paul Cheesbrough

Be a trailblazer for change

Show your team the magic of Live Apps and watch the transformation begin. Start a free trial of Quip today – no credit card required, all of the Quip features, and unlimited users and storage. Your team will love you for it.

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