Introducing Data Referencing for Quip Spreadsheets

By Clayton Miller

Quip was built to help employees get more done and work more collaboratively. But with data living in so many different places, it can be difficult to stay on top of recent team updates, track business critical metrics efficiently, and share data snapshots with the right people. Today we’re excited to announce Data Referencing, a new tool built for spreadsheets to help your teams stay organized and have up-to-date data in multiple locations.

See Data Referencing in action

Data referencing is the ability to live-reference spreadsheet data from one sheet into another. This is useful for tons of different everyday situations. Here are three examples:

Aggregating Data from Multiple Users or Teams
Lydia is a Sales Manager with direct reports. She needs weekly updates from her team on the status of their accounts. Lydia has her team keep track of the health of the account, notes, and upcoming opportunities in their Living Account Plans. Instead of requiring her team to compile separate reports, she uses Data Referencing to collect information about each account into her own master document — eliminating unnecessary emails and admin work for her reps each week.

Sharing Specific Data Points
Manesh is an event marketer who is responsible for maintaining a budget for his team. He needs to share specific budget line items to a third-party event agency, but for privacy purposes cannot share the entire budget sheet. Manesh uses Data Referencing to reflect the appropriate range of cells in the Quip Doc where he communicates with the agency so that they can see relevant budget items, but not sensitive data.

Doing more with Salesforce Report Data
As a Sales Ops manager, Danny keeps track of the number of inbound leads his teams generate and includes this data in Sales QBRs, weekly team meetings, and executive briefings — all which are maintained in separate Quip documents and slides. Now with Data Referencing, Danny can pull a report from Salesforce into Quip, and Data Reference the appropriate cells for each update. This saves Danny about 30 minutes of administrative work each week, and because Salesforce reports update automatically, his information is always up to date.

Want to learn more about Data Referencing? Check out our support article.

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