BTW, this launched — fall 2017 edition

By Juli Fischer, Diana Berlin

Welcome back, feature junkies! In July, we launched the inaugural "BTW this launched" blog post — the first a series where we'll clue you in to the cool little things we've tweaked, updated, or improved in Quip. Let's dive into the fall edition!

Flexible @mentions

One of Quip's shining features is @mentions — a fast way for you to insert a rich mention of a person, document, chat room, or anything else. They get everyone you work with onto the same page, at the same time, because every time you @mention someone we send them a notification. They're such a huge part of Quip, which is a friendly and social product, that we wanted to make mentions themselves more friendly and social.

Now when you @mention someone in Quip, we insert their full name by default, which does a lot for clarity on big teams. But you can then edit how that name appears using the delete and arrow keys. Call them by just their first, last, or even middle name — however you would refer to this person in real life, you can now do the same in Quip.

We also removed the automatic space that used to be tacked onto an @mention of someone's name. This makes it easier to add punctuation after your @mention. Plus, it matches the behavior of lots of other social tools that we're so used to. Flexible mentions are available on web, desktop, and the document editor in iOS.

Better URLs for folders

This one goes out to the browser lovers in the house. If you use Quip on the web and you've ever shared a folder, you may have noticed that the URL was... a little intense. If you copied it from your browser's URL bar and pasted it to someone else, all they saw was a long, complicated URL. We updated this so now the URL to a folder has the folder's name right in it. It's more descriptive, so your recipient has a better idea of what will happen when they click. It also looks nicer.

Have fun with these new goodies in Quip! Have fun with these new goodies in Quip! And stay tuned for some big new surprises in Quip, which we’ll be launching at this year’s Dreamforce. To get the news first, don’t miss our Quip keynote at Dreamforce.

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