Quip 2.1 - Chat, Import, and Export

By Bret Taylor

We are excited to announce the availability of Quip 2.1 today on desktop, iPhone, and iPad. (Android will be available in a couple weeks.)

Improved Chat

We updated Quip chat so that it looks beautiful and consistent across your desktop, tablet, and phone. It's now much easier to see your own messages — they have a special color — and the entire experience is cleaner and more compact. We also implemented a cool mobile keyboard that makes @-mentioning people and documents in messages really fun and easy.

Group chat is also simpler and faster on all platforms. It's easier to name chats, and you can add your most frequent contacts to chats with the tap of a finger rather than searching for people individually.

Import from Box

You can now import documents directly from Box (in addition to Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and email attachments) on desktop and mobile.

More Export Options

On Desktop, we added a bunch of new export options so you can use Quip to write with your team no matter where you are publishing the final document. You can now export to:

Just click the gear menu at the top right of any document to see your export options.

Browse Changes

On Desktop, you can now browse through the changes made to a document with a slick new interactive interface. Click on the magnifying glass on any edit to see the edit in the context of the document and comment on the change.

In addition to these big features, there are also a number of smaller improvements in this release, like Korean language support for iOS and a much-requested “Mark all as Read” button at the top of your inbox. We hope you enjoy the new stuff and, as always, keep the feedback coming!