Introducing document outlines: Clickable table of contents for long-form docs

By Ryan Anderson

We’ve heard from many of you, our customers, that you’re writing, drafting, documenting, and collaborating on tons of work in Quip. Everything from project plans and product requirements to wiki and knowledge base articles. Regardless of how you’re using Quip, you’ve asked us for a better way to navigate your long-form docs. Today, we’re excited to announce document outlines.

Quip’s document outline scans headings in your document to create a table of contents based on those headings. This will help your team find their way around lengthy documents by summarizing the content structure and providing anchor links to headings.

Enable an outline for your document from the tools menu:

You can also toggle the document outline on and off by using the keyboard shortcut: Cmd-Shift-O on Mac or Ctrl-Shift-O on PC. Document outlines are a document setting, so only people with the permission to edit a document can toggle the outline on and off.

The document outline displays a clickable outline with anchor links to drop you down to the different sections of your document. The outline will display links for the large, medium, and small headings in your doc.

The outline will also display top-level checklist items that when clicked will take you directly to that task. Perfect for long checklists that you manage with your team.

When there is enough width in your Quip window, the outline will fix itself to the far right of your document so that it’s always available, even when you scroll. You can click any of the headings to jump to different sections of the doc.

Document outlines are useful for a variety of lengthy documents:

  • FAQs in your knowledge base articles
  • Long-form technical documentation
  • Product requirements
  • Project plans
  • HR policies and procedures
  • Collaborative checklists and tasklists
  • Meeting Notes and agendas

Give your team more visibility into your docs and make it easy to access the sections they care about with document outlines.

Try document outlines in Quip now

We hope the new document outlines help your team better structure your long-form docs.

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