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By Juli Fischer

Congratulations! You've discovered Quip, and we're so glad you're here. If you're giving us a spin, you're probably looking for a better way to work with documents, spreadsheets, or your teammates — or all of the above. Here's a quick rundown of what Quip does, and how it can help you.

What's Quip and why should I use it?

We like to say that Quip is the next generation of productivity. But what does that actually mean? It means that the days of indecipherable email threads and messy document versions are over. Meetings where decisions never seem to get made? Also a thing of the past. And never again shall you find yourself wondering at 5pm, “What did I even do today?” Quip gets rid of these annoying, inefficient patterns. Here's how:

Better documents and spreadsheets

We call Quip documents “living documents” because they come to life with rich content, chat, notifications, and more. You can insert spreadsheets right into the body of the document instead of having separate document and spreadsheet files to deal with. Quip docs have live edits, chat, and change logs so you'll always have context on your team's work. There's also the @ key, which serves as a shortcut for all kinds of powerful things: sending a notification to teammates, quickly inserting a file or image, or linking to other documents and folders (among many other things).

Real-time collaboration that saves time (and your sanity)

Since Quip documents have the communication built right in, you don't need to jump over to chat or email to see what's going on. Key decisions live in context right alongside your work, instead of buried in a 30-email thread. You can use @ mentions to assign tasks, or get a specific teammate's attention for questions or edits. Plus, you never have to worry about who's working on which version of a document or spreadsheet — every Quip doc is always up to date, with a full history of changes. Eventually you'll find that your team is more in sync, which means fewer meetings for check-ins and status updates.

Work from anywhere, even without internet

When the tools you need for work are a pain on mobile, it can feel like the only way to get work done is when you're on a computer at a desk. Quip changes all that. Our mobile apps are fast and intuitive, with a design that's instantly familiar to anyone who's used the web or desktop apps. And if you find yourself without a data connection, you can still get work done. A lot of work. In fact, the Quip desktop app works almost exactly the same offline as it does when it's connected to the internet. You can work on sales reports, marketing plans, and budgets for an entire flight — the network will sync all your changes and messages once the app reconnects.

For a deeper dive on getting started with Quip, visit our Quip Guides. You'll find everything from in-depth product tutorials to quick how-tos and FAQs.

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