Add rich media to your docs, spreadsheets, and slides

By Ryan Anderson

Quip was built to make docs, spreadsheets, and slides less lonely, more colorful, and more productive for teams. Today we're excited to announce a new addition, the rich media picker, to help you more seamlessly add images to your work in Quip.

Meet the new rich media picker

The Rich Media Picker makes it easy for you to add images to your docs, spreadsheets, and presentations without having to leave Quip.

The new dialog is intended to give you a consistent experience across docs, spreadsheets, and slides when inserting an image. The dialog offers 3 options:

  1. Select a recently used image in Quip (or upload a new one)
  2. Select one from a library of stock images
  3. Select a GIF by searching Giphy's online library

Get Started Today

We hope these improvements to working with images in Quip improve the color and quality of the documents you share with teammates.

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