Quip for Salesforce Winter '20 Release is here!

By Arnab Bose, Sophia Westwood

When Quip for Salesforce launched in the Spring ’19 Salesforce release, modern productivity apps became part of CRM for the first time ever. This brought mission-critical processes like account plans, close plans, and case escalations into the context of the Salesforce platform, rather than stuck in email threads, chat storms, and multiple file versions.

Over the last six months, we’ve heard so many success stories from our Trailblazer customers who have embraced Quip for Salesforce. For example, TaskUs does 100% of their strategic account plans in Quip. The company has decreased their time to close by 25% using Sales Cloud, Einstein Analytics and Quip for Salesforce.

We are equally inspired by all the product feedback on how we can continue to innovate. In the Winter ’20 release, we’re delivering a ton of functionality based on customer input, all aimed at helping customers maximize the value of their CRM investment.

Top Quip highlights

Salesforce Data Integration Enhancements

With the Winter ’20 release, we’ve added several features that make it easy for teams to discuss insights and collaborate on the Salesforce data they interact with every day.

  • Log a Call in Quip: Log a Salesforce call directly from the Quip workspace, making it easier for reps to add customer information to Salesforce and for admins to report on it. Read the support article.
  • List Views in Quip: Add list views with filterable data that is bi-directionally synced with Salesforce. Check out the release notes.
  • Salesforce Live Reports Enhancement: Add reports that pull in live Salesforce data with a simple @mention, making it easy to share and discuss all the opportunities associated with an account.

See these 3 features in action:

The rest of the good stuff

  • Granular Permissions and Synced Sharing: Give everyone the right level of access to Quip docs associated with records in Salesforce. Read more about Granular Permissions.

  • Salesforce Record Linking in Quip: Make quick associations between Quip documents and records in Salesforce. Read about it.  Watch the video 👇:

  • Einstein Analytics for Quip: Automatically create Quip Slides with embedded collaborative Einstein Analytics dashboards, so the extended team can discuss insights and take action. Check out the release notes. See it in action 👇:

  • Template Library Expansion: Find inspiring document templates that you and your team can run with, including Quip for Salesforce templates. Get started with best-in-class processes at quip.com/templates.

  • Setup Improvements: In this release we’ve automated three more of the Quip for Salesforce setup steps, making it easy for admins to get up and running in 20 minutes or less. Read the release notes.
  • Salesforce Mobile Integration: View Quip for Salesforce documents while logged in to Salesforce mobile, so you can run your business from any device. Read the release notes.

Try Quip for Salesforce today

If you’re a Quip and Salesforce Admin already, all the features outlined in this blog are available September 6 for sandbox customers, and they will be generally available on a rolling basis in the following weeks. You can read more about the release process here and also check out Quip’s ‘Release in a Box’ webpage.

Not using Quip for Salesforce yet? Contact your Quip representative or call us at 1-844-597-6576 to learn how to get started!