This is the best way to get your team started on Quip

By Juli Fischer

Quip isn't just another cloud-based document tool — it's an entirely new way of working that inspires cultural change within organizations. With Quip, your team can communicate better, be more collaborative and transparent, and do real work from their mobile devices. Once this all starts happening, you'll see major changes in your team's productivity, engagement, morale, and more.

Ready to find out how?

Two of our Quip experts, product marketing managers Ryan Anderson and Elizabeth Hayes, walk you through it step-by-step in this on-demand webinar.


You'll learn about the pervasive teamwork problems that Quip solves with our newest innovative features, and find out how to break free from the inefficient time suck of your overflowing email inbox. Most importantly, you'll see exactly how to build a plan for Quip adoption at your company. Ready to get started? Start with the video above, then sign up for your free trial today.