Introducing Quip Virtual Private Cloud: collaboration with powerful IT control

By Kevin Gibbs

Since starting Quip, my priority has been to bring a great collaboration experience to every person at every company in the world. When talking to our customers, I've heard repeatedly that Quip helps their teams become more engaged, leave silos behind, and move their business faster. But over the past few years, as I've traveled and talked to IT executives and CIOs around the world, I've also learned that getting started with Quip hasn't been an option for all companies.

Some organizations have specific IT requirements and need greater control over how their systems are deployed. Other organizations in highly regulated industries such as financial services, government, and healthcare have specific requirements that that not every product can meet. Those companies end up performing a balancing act between delivering modern experiences and meeting mandated IT or compliance requirements. Today that all changes, because we're giving those companies a new choice with Quip VPC.

Cloud collaboration for all

Quip VPC is the same collaboration product that our customers know and love, delivered as a managed, virtual private cloud. It's a single-tenant, managed Software-as-a-Service solution, which gives customers the best of both worlds: the scalability, security, and operational advantages of Software-as-a-Service that have made Salesforce's customers so successful, combined with the customized data and access controls needed to meet mandated IT or compliance requirements. That includes organization-specific requirements like network access, auditing, and encryption, and compliance requirements like PSD2 for financial services.

We're announcing the Quip VPC today, but we've actually been working on this for a while. We first started implementing Quip VPC with our customers over 18 months ago, and we’ve been refining it ever since. I'm proud to say that over 100,000 employees in the Fortune 100 are already using Quip VPC every month.

With Quip, employees get modern tools that feel more familiar and intuitive, and offer more connectivity and collaboration than legacy solutions. Quip combines everything teams need to get work done in a single place: documents, spreadsheets, chat, apps, project planning and tracking, live Salesforce data, and so much more. With Quip VPC, companies with specific IT controls and those operating in regulated industries can reap the benefits of continuous software updates, modern productivity tools, an exceptional mobile experience, and online/offline access—all wrapped up in a solution that's private, secure, and can scale to hundreds of thousands of users from a single, private cluster.

How it works

To create this solution, we deploy a Virtual Private Cloud (or VPC) that's isolated in a public cloud provider. We then deploy a fully dedicated serving cluster for Quip inside that Virtual Private Cloud. The cluster is securely operated and managed by an expert Salesforce operations team—a team that applies the same intense standard of security, scaling, and operational excellence to your private cluster that's applied to all Salesforce products.

Quip VPC gives customers complete control over their deployment: control over network routes and access policies, encryption key escrow and data access, secure logging, physical location, and the ability to comply with specific regulatory requirements. Similar to Heroku Private Spaces, Quip VPC gives you the isolation and control of private network routes and private data services. If your company uses a Virtual Private Cloud to extend your datacenter network to the cloud, think of Quip VPC as the next logical step: a VPC that runs alongside your virtual datacenter and allows you to control your company's critical document and messaging data. This Quip deployment option gives companies with specific IT needs the ultimate win-win: modern, best-of-breed mobile cloud collaboration that checks all the boxes for regulatory, control, and privacy requirements.

Learn more

We've put together a landing page and whitepaper for leaders at companies where Quip VPC might be a viable solution. In the whitepaper we take a deeper dive into the deployment architecture including security, audit, encryption, and networking. If you think Quip VPC might be right for your organization, please contact us at