New Feature: Block Quotes and Pull Quotes

By Rafael Alenda

It feels good to ship new features and you can quote us on that: Quip now supports block quotes and pull quotes.

Block quotes are great when you want to highlight a lengthy quotation from a paragraph or block of text. Block quotations are used for long quotations of 100 words or more.

Pull quotes are used to turn a key phrase, quotation, or excerpt into a graphic element.

There are four ways you can create quotes:

  1. From the style menu on the left, click on the quote icon to make a block quote. Use the style switcher to switch between block and pull quote styles:

  2. In the iPhone and iPad apps, tap on the quote button to toggle between the two quote styles. On Android, both styles are available below the Paragraph style.

  3. Use the backtick ( ` ) shortcut, which cycles through both quote styles

  4. Type the “> “ markdown shortcut before a paragraph to use a block quote.