5 of the Best Quip Shortcuts You Probably Didn't Know About

By Dave Engelberg

Did you know that keyboard shortcuts can save you up to one million hours per year? Oh, you did? Well, do you know they can also make you look a lot cooler at work? Read on to find some of my favorite Quip shortcuts that I use every day.

1. “//” to comment

My personal favorite — hit “//” at the end of a line to instantly add a comment. It's perfect for when you have a little bit more to say, but hate run-on sentences.

This is one of several Markdown shortcuts we've added. If you are unfamiliar with Markdown, find out what you've been missing.

2. “@” to create, insert, or mention

Ah, the “@” sign — our workhorse of keyboard shortcuts in Quip. Just type “@” and a menu will appear with options to create a spreadsheet or table, mention a person or document, or insert an image or link. Use up and down keys to select.

3. Math in documents

Like many people with a liberal arts background, my math skills are... not strong. Fortunately, Quip's got me covered. By adding an equals sign, I can calculate whatever comes to mind and even grab values from spreadsheets in my document.

4. Search from anywhere

Most days I can't remember where I put my wallet and keys — let alone where I stored a document from six months ago. There is an easy shortcut to prevent me from rummaging through my desktop: Hit “Command + Option + O” on a Mac or “Control + Alt + O” on Windows to bring up a search window anywhere in Quip. Start typing to find the title or contents of anything — even chat or spreadsheets!

5. “Command /” for a list of shortcuts

Not to get too meta but we have a keyboard shortcut that... reveals all of Quip's keyboard shortcuts. #Keyboardinception

To bring up a list, hit “Command /” (“Control /” on Windows) anywhere in Quip. You can also view a full list of shortcuts here. If we are missing any shortcuts that you would like to see, let us know.

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