6 tips to accelerate sales wins and eliminate frantic scrambles

By Jen Burns

The phone rings and it’s a customer with an urgent question about deployment planning. As a sales pro, you often need answers and sign off right away, from multiple colleagues and higher-ups. The typical response involves a chaotic series of emails, texts, chats, and voicemails, followed by a sinking feeling that time is expiring and you still don’t have what you need.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Smarter internal coordination leads to better, faster decisions, more timely responses, and moves deals down the pipeline. Follow these six tips for smoother internal processes and fewer frantic sales scrambles.

Streamline your communications channels: How many channels do you use to collaborate and share information and are they integrated with your CRM? How quickly and easily can you identify and reach the right stakeholders? If your communications are too fragmented, it may be time to streamline.

Centralize your deal work: Are your key documents scattered across platforms? Create a single online repository for them, and make sure it’s integrated with your CRM. Collaboration around documents should never happen over email or in other silos.

Make your process visible: When stakeholders get looped into your deal, how quickly can they get up to speed? Does it require a meeting or lengthy email? When your deal progress is transparent, clearly documented and connected to your CRM, it’s a win for everyone.

Connect with marketing and service teams: Do you know when the next marketing campaign kicks off? Stay attuned to these teams’ activities and map out the handoffs that occur throughout the customer journey. Closer coordination ensures a positive customer experience.

Rely on document templates: Templates standardize important information for tracking and sharing to save time and boost productivity. Create as many easy-to-share online templates as possible for faster, more simplified document creation.

Practice team selling: Are your sales pros working 100% solo or do they have one another’s backs? Deals move faster when sales reps continuously help one another by sharing customer insights, prospecting strategies, and market data and research.

These tips are just a start for sales teams that want to move faster and streamline internal processes. Looking at the bigger picture, teams must focus on four keys:

  1. Communication
  2. Collaboration
  3. Alignment
  4. Insight

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