New in Quip: Sync content across multiple documents with Live Paste

By Sami Rahman, Tag Savage

You know this problem: People copy important content from one place and paste it into another. So far, so good. But then someone edits the original content, and the copied content is suddenly out of date. Or someone changes some information in the pasted content, and now the original document is wrong. Pretty soon, six slightly different versions of the same thing are floating around, and it’s going to take two hours and five conversations to figure out what the real source of truth is.

That’s why today we’re excited to announce Live Paste, a simple yet powerful way for users to keep their text, tables, images, and videos in sync across multiple documents. Like Data Referencing, it’s an easy way to ensure that everyone is working with the same information no matter where they’re seeing it.

How to Live Paste

We’ll say it again: Live Paste is easy. Just copy some content from one Quip document, paste it into another Quip document, and choose “Live Paste” from the clipboard icon that appears under your selection. That’s it.

From now on, any updates made to the source content will be automatically synced to wherever you’ve Live Pasted it.

Use Cases for your organization

Here are a few ideas for Live Paste to get started.

Distribute important updates to multiple teams
Sharon is a sales manager who manages a large national team. Days are busy for Sharon, but she needs to provide weekly updates to multiple cross-functional teams across her organization. Rather than drafting updates to each unique team and rep, she captures all of the relevant information in her master doc and uses Live Paste to distribute her updates across multiple account plans. With Live Paste, Sharon saves multiple hours each week so now she can focus more time on building customer relationships.

Share specific content
Ali is a field marketer who keeps a master document of each of her events. Everything from event logistics, staffing, registration materials, and design specs lives in one spot so that she and her executives can collaborate during the planning process. Rather than invite the entire sales team into the doc, she uses Live Paste to share specific information around how reps can invite their customers into their Sales Enablement Hub.

Now the sales reps can view information that is specific to their needs, and whenever changes are made, they update automatically, so no one is on the line for updating details across multiple documents.

Aggregate updates from multiple sources
Rohan is a Product Manager and wants to have one master document with all of the upcoming product release summaries in one place. He uses live paste to add all the summaries to one document, knowing if anything is updated on the source product release documents it will automatically be reflected on his master document.

How will you Live Paste?
Want to learn more? Check out our support article where you’ll get more technical answers, as well as learn how you can integrate Live Paste with Process Builder and Flow.

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