New features for Quip on your desktop

By Bret Taylor

We just rolled out a handful of useful new features for the desktop version of Quip at

Templates / Copy Document

You can now easily create a copy of a Quip document, which makes it easy to use Quip documents as templates.

To copy a document, right click on the thumbnail, or, if you are editing the document, select “Copy” from the gear/settings menu at the top of the screen.

Creating a copy of a document also is also an easy way to share a “clean” version of a document, if you don't want people to see the edits that you've made previously.

(iOS and Android users, don't worry: we'll be adding this feature to the mobile version of Quip soon.)

Quick Search

You can bring up a search box on any screen simply by hitting the slash (“/”) key on your keyboard. Much like Apple's Spotlight search, this makes it easy to quickly navigate between documents without using your mouse.

When you bring up the Quick Search box, it also shows you a list of the documents you have recently accessed so you can quickly navigate between the documents you are actively working on.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Quip supports a bunch of keyboard shortcuts, but most people don't know about them. Now you can see a list of all the keyboard shortcuts Quip supports by hitting Cmd-/ (Mac) or Ctrl-/ (Windows) on your keyboard:

Let us know what you think of the new features, and keep the feedback coming.