Two-Minute Sales Masterclass

By Jen Burns

Get practical advice from experienced sales leaders.

It takes a lot to be a successful sales professional, and even more to rise through the ranks to sales leadership. Those who do acquire a wealth of practical knowledge through the ups and downs that come with years of experience. In this video series, Two-Minute Sales Masterclass, we tap into some of that know-how with inspiring, insightful interviews with women sales leaders.

These incredible women are part of a pioneering generation of sales executives who have successfully taken on leadership roles in an ever-evolving field. The practical advice and experience they have to share can benefit all growing sales professionals and aspiring leaders.

Speakers include:

  • Lenore Lang, Salesforce Quip Vice President of Sales
  • Jill Rowley, Social Selling Influencer
  • Kharisma Moraski, Vice President of Sales
  • Nikki Damaschino, Salesforce Area Vice President

Lenore Lang on customer meetings, excitement, and asking the right questions.

Lenore Lang on account plans, follow-ups, and pricing.

Jill Rowley on social selling, professional networks, and discipline.

Jill Rowley on improving lead quality, finding buying committees, and managing personal pipeline.

Jill Rowley on leveling up, professional relationships, and common traits of successful salespeople.

Kharisma Moraski on relationship building and career development.

Kharisma Moraski on coaching and personal development.

Nikki Damaschino on resurrecting latent accounts.

. Nikki Damaschino on building trust and accelerating the sales cycle.

Nikki Damaschino on building a great customer experience.