New Feature: Windows Desktop Redesign

By Rafael Alenda

In July of 2015, we launched Quip's desktop app for Windows; a better way to access every document in your company, offline and online.

Today we are releasing the redesigned Windows desktop app. This release is fully optimized for the Windows 10 design and makes Quip a truly native experience for our Windows customers.

Each window now blends seamlessly with your content, and the new unobtrusive menus give you control without taking up valuable screen space. Plus, we’ve done it without sacrificing the Aero Snap features you know and love!

The Quip Desktop app is the best way to use Quip and offers great performance with every document and message synced to your hard drive; opening a document feels instant and immediate.

Additionally, our native apps provide are great for working offline and online. For example, if you have poor wifi connection while flying, you can still create, open and edit documents as well as send messages offline. Once online, all your changes will sync and everyone will see the changes.

To download Quip, click here or visit on your laptop.