Watch Our Webinar About Working From Home

By Ryan Anderson

The outbreak of COVID-19 has changed so much so fast in the modern workplace. Anyone who is privileged to work in an office setting has been adapting, learning, and trying to execute while working from home every day for the last few weeks. To say it’s been chaos is hyperbole compared to other working environments that are more harshly impacted. Nonetheless, change is a challenge.

Salesforce strongly encouraged most employees to start working from home on Monday, March 9th. Since then nearly 50,000 employees have shifted how they work, relying more heavily on tools like Quip and video conferencing more than ever before. Along the way, our teams have experimented, learned a few critical lessons, and are beginning to universalize best practices.

What’s Working For Us: How Quip Is Helping Salesforce Work Remotely

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Salesforce uses Quip to implement key remote work strategies and best practices that keep employees connected, build alignment, and execute business objectives without the office.

This webinar will cover how Salesforce uses Quip to:

  • Maintain business continuity across all distributed teams
  • Run projects, facilitate meetings, and boost teamwork
  • Continue driving customer success and keep your sales team on track

While we can’t profess to be experts, we at least hope that what's working for us will work for you too.

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