Introducing Quip for Slack

The future of work is taking off!

The leading team productivity suite is now connected with your favorite team chat platform. Add living documents to your #channels and leave team emails and legacy tools in the dust.

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Your team will Quip + Slack

Quip adds documents, spreadsheets, and tasklists to your Slack experience, to keep your team productive and .

Elevate ideas to Quip docs

Use the Slack slash-command to create a Quip document where work is discussed in context and driven forward. Build your next big thing in Quip.

Share Quip docs in Slack

Paste links to Quip documents into your Slack channels to securely share them with your team. Keep your teammates close and your work even closer.

Stay in the loop

Get notified of changes made to your Quip docs. See previews of what your team did so you know when to jump in on the action.

Modern teams use native apps

Work at the speed of light with Quip’s native desktop and mobile apps. Quip’s native desktop app has you covered, even when you’re offline.

"We have lots of ideas pop up in Slack, but when we need to get them all the way over the finish line Quip is where it really happens. Quip is where we can expand on an idea, give it structure, and execute on it."Bill MoreinHead of Product, FiftyThree