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Transform Sales Productivity with Quip for Sales

  • Account Planning

    Turn static plans into dynamic, data-driven strategies that drive action, increase pipeline, and get the whole team aligned in real time.

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  • Opportunity Notes

    Capture customer notes and sync them with the right opportunity across any device. Increase alignment and get deals over the line faster inside your CRM.

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  • Close Plans

    Manage deals more efficiently with actionable close plans that save time and speed up deals with live data and team collaboration in a single view.

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  • Deal Feeds

    Bring visibility to your business and motivate your team to win big. Get real-time notifications on which deals are closing, which deals are pushing, and why.

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  • Pricing Proposals

    Capture pricing discussions in the context of the opportunity and close deals faster while reducing revision cycles and empowering sales teams.


Transform Sales Productivity with Quip for Service

  • Case Swarms

    Accelerate resolutions as a team and satisfy urgent customer needs through real-time document collaboration inside Service Cloud.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    Make collaborative root cause analyses part of standard processes. Turn resolutions into knowledge with real-time data and easy-to-use templates.

  • Service Manager Performance Review

    Maintain a holistic view of performance in one living document. Share feedback with live analytics, feedback prompts, and real-time discussions.

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