How Quip makes sales teams more agile: Part 2

By Falk Gottlob

Sales teams that are agile perform better — but at the same time, sales teams have unique challenges and characteristics that make being agile easier said than done. In Part 1 of this series, we focused on the reasons to go agile, as well as how Quip can help agile-ambitious teams get better access to information and stay productive while mobile. Today, let's dive into support structures and CRM data.

Better support and bonding for your sales reps

Even the strongest sales team cannot function in a silo. They need support from engineering, customer service and success, marketing, and more. But as we all know, cross-functional collaboration is tricky. Quip helps bridge communication and collaboration gaps by providing one hub for teams across the organization to get work done, share that work, and discuss it, too. By centralizing teams on Quip, different departments can provide each other with the most recent and relevant information, materials, and assistance. No more outdated PDFs, confusing multiple versions, or email threads that get buried in inboxes.

Another thing great sales leaders pay attention to is their team dynamics.  When you spend most of your time away from headquarters, or even a regional office, it can be hard to feel like you're truly part of a team. The life of a sales rep can be stressful and lonely, but also filled with great stories. Quip creates a sense of community that transcends the walls of an office, and is especially perfect for bringing distributed teams together. Your reps can build stronger relationships, share wins and losses, and foster a sense of community using Quip's 1:1 and team chats, emojis, customizable commands and memes, and more.

Use Quip and Salesforce together

Quip is a Salesforce product, which means they work together seamlessly. With Quip Connect in AppExchange, you can attach Quip documents to records in Salesforce, letting you keep important information at the ready. Decisions from calls and meetings, plans, and negotiations can all be attached to records in Salesforce. Enhancing your CRM data with critical documents and context will create more transparency within your team, and feed valuable data to Einstein forecasting. You'll see shorter sales cycles, more predictable forecasting, and stable pipelines.

Quip Connect also lets you pipe Live Data from Salesforce right into your documents and spreadsheets. You can open any Salesforce report in Quip to model sales scenarios,give updates on deals in progress, and more The information you bring from Salesforce to Quip is always up to date, too. If the Live Data changes in Salesforce, it’ll update in your Quip document or spreadsheet. With your CRM data in a Quip spreadsheet, you can analyze, sort, and format the information to tell your story, share it with your team, and get feedback or consensus. You can directly embed the spreadsheet into a document that also includes images, checklists, and a conversation with your team.

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