BTW, this launched—spring 2018 edition

By Juli Fischer

Welcome to the third installment of BTW, this launched. Posts that keep you, our wonderful customers, up to date on the latest Quip features that didn't get a lot of fanfare when they launched. If you’ve got some free time, you can also check out the first and second posts in this series. Otherwise, read on for the latest features.

More Slack!

Your Quip site can now be integrated with more than one Slack workspace. This is useful for large companies who are on a single Quip site, but have different teams throughout the organization with their own Slack workspaces. That integration works in both directions, by the way—you can sync document updates to any channel in any workspace, and you can issue /quip commands from any Slack workspace back into Quip.

No more gender pronouns

We've removed references to gender throughout the product. We briefly considered a simple switch from gendered to gender-neutral pronouns, which would have worked fine for people who are using Quip in languages that have gender-neutral pronouns, but we wanted to be inclusive for all users. After analyzing the problem from an internationalization perspective, we decided that removing personal pronouns entirely was the best solution. We won't ask for user gender, and we've rewritten copy throughout the product to avoid personal pronouns that would require gender specification.

User emails in the share dialog

When you add people to a document, a list pops up with suggested names alongside profile images. Previously, underneath each name we showed that person's online or offline status. Now it shows their email instead, which helps you make sure you're adding the right person. This is most useful at big companies where there might be more than one person with the same first and last name. And if you've never met the person you're trying to share with face-to-face, the profile picture won't help either. But if you know their email address, you can be sure you're sharing with the right person.

In the sharing menu above, there are two people named Melissa Anderson, but you can tell the difference because of their different email addresses in addition to their profile pictures. Note that we only show you email addresses of people who are in the same Quip site as you, and not external folks (like partners or customers).

Get started today

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