Introducing Quip Slides

By Diana Berlin

Presentations are part of our day-to-day professional lives. Some of us practically live inside software that seems to be designed for rockstar keynotes—when in reality, we're using decks to run meetings, pitch ideas, and rally our teams. So we built Quip Slides. It's designed for the way teams get real work done, and full of tools to help you build alignment, capture feedback, and make decisions faster.

Built for teamwork

We built Quip Slides to start conversations and drive decisions. Sure, you'll find the things you need to make a glossy preso for your upcoming conference—but we made sure those features didn't come at the expense of teamwork. Quip Slides gives teams the tools they need to collaborate on important everyday projects, and move work forward faster.

Create presentations together

Quip is all about live commenting, real time edits, and conversations in the context of your work—and Quip Slides is no exception. Use the built-in chat to discuss slides as you're creating them. Work together to get your slides to the sweet spot, without endless file versions. And give feedback by placing comments anywhere on a slide, instead of sending emails or booking meetings.

Engage your audience and generate feedback

Quip Slides keeps teams engaged and excited, instead of drifting off into smartphone land. Capture audience attention with animated stickers and emoji. Put Feedback Prompts on your slides so your audience can take polls and answer questions, giving you the input you need to keep your work moving forward.

Collaborate on slides from anywhere

Of course, these slides just wouldn't be Quip if they didn't work great on mobile. With Quip Slides, you aren't tethered to a computer. It's optimized for any screen, so you can view, comment, and collaborate on your team's slides any time, anywhere.

Built for impact

Quip is built to help teams get high-value work done faster. Documents and spreadsheets in Quip are full of live data, connected apps, and key integrations that keep your work living, breathing, and gaining momentum. We brought that same spirit to Quip Slides.

Use charts to show off data from spreadsheets and Salesforce

Embed interactive charts in your slides that showcase live data from a variety of sources. Pipe data straight from your spreadsheets into Quip Slides using charts—including spreadsheets powered by live data from Salesforce Reports. You can even search for linkable spreadsheets from within the slides you're working on, so you don't lose focus. With charts in Quip Slides, you can keep your data from other sources linked, so they're always up to date, automatically.

Enhance slides with Live Apps

Bring even more interactive elements into your slides with Live Apps. Just like in Quip docs, you can embed a variety of Live Apps right into your slides—like Calendar or Project Tracker to convey work status in real time. Or, the Salesforce Record Live App to show always-up-to-date insight on Salesforce data, complete with bidirectional sync. And with third-party Live Apps like Diagrams, you can truly bring data to life.

Get valuable insights on engagement

After you've shared your slides, you can easily see which stakeholders have viewed them, and which slides have the most (or least) engagement. And soon, you'll be able make suggestions from Einstein to decide who to follow up with, so you can drive decisions and keep the ball rolling.

Get started today

With Quip Slides, instead of presenting in a meeting, the presentation can be the meeting. It's a new way to spread ideas and get feedback for busy teams who want to get work done—not waste away in meetings. Quip Slides is available today on Mac, Windows, web, iOs, and Android.

Don't have a Quip site yet? That's easy to fix—start a free trial today.