A fresh look for Quip, so you can get more done

By Nate Botwick, Sophia Westwood

Teams using Quip are doing a lot. They're managing projects, running sales teams, and crunching numbers. As of today, they're even building slides. With so many teams doing their highest-value work in Quip, we're launching improvements across the entire Quip experience to help those teams move faster together. The new Quip—complete with a fresh new logo—is fast, intuitive, and keeps you in the zone.

We've doubled down on speed

“I have so much to do! Thank goodness there's all time in the world to do it.” Sound familiar? No, not to us, either. There's a lot to do, and then more after that. So we redesigned Quip to make sure you're not wasting time clicking around to find what you need.

Tabs on desktop

We're excited to introduce one of our most-requested features ever: tabs. Now the Quip desktop app for Mac works just like a browser. Use command + t  to open a new tab, and work on multiple things at once with only a single window taking up space. Need to find something fast? Use command + t  followed by command + j  to search for the doc you need in a new tab. Speaking of search...

Advanced search

Search in Quip is now more powerful and intelligent than ever before. We know you have a lot of documents, and they're not always easy to find. So we added new filters to your search results: Created by, Modified by, Date openedDate created, and more. We also added smarter suggestions when searching—for example, typing a coworker's name in the search field will help you find documents created by that person. Finally, we rebuilt our behind-the-scenes search ranking system to ensure that your search results are simply better.

Better organization means better focus

It's the little things that all add up to helping you get things done not just fast, but well. These updates to Quip help you keep track of your tasks, stay focused on your work, and take advantage of Quip's powerful features.

Revamped sidebar

Your sidebar in Quip is now collapsible and expandable, so you can show or hide exactly what you need to get work done. When expanded, you'll still see your sidebar items, favorites, and chats by name—and you can expand even further for those long document titles. You can also collapse your sidebar to give you more screen real estate, in which case we've added icons for the crucial stuff, like search, updates, tasks, favorites, and chats. (Pro tip: Hover over icons to see a few tooltips with revealing handy keyboard shortcuts.) To collapse or expand your sidebar, grab and drag the dividing line, or simply click on it.

Tasks drawer

Now you can see every checklist item that's assigned to you in any document—across all of Quip—in a single place. You can pin your highest-priority tasks to the top of the list, or hide any given task until it’s updated again. You can even sort by Completed or Hidden, or hide everything to start with a clean slate. Incorporate tasks from your personal to-do list by choosing Managed Linked Checklists. And of course, you can check completed tasks off from directly within the Tasks drawer.

New menus

We've made menus in Quip more intuitive and advanced, bringing instant familiarity to the work you're doing. In spreadsheets and slides, you'll see a new menu bar that gives you access to the most common insert and formatting operations with a single click. You'll still find a menu at the top of your window that contain all your options, so you don't need to learn any shortcuts unless you want to. Speaking of shortcuts, Quip menus now have keyboard shortcuts visible so you can start learning to go even faster.

Get started today

It's easier than ever to get fast, high-value work done with your team in Quip. So get started! Don't have a Quip site yet? That's easy to fix—start a free trial today.