Quip Raises $30M, Hires a Data Nerd

By Bret Taylor

The News

Quip has raised a $30 million Series B from Greylock Partners and Benchmark Capital. John Lilly from Greylock will be joining Quip’s board.

We're also excited to announce that Patrick Moran will be joining Quip as Chief Customer Officer. Patrick was most recently the Chief Marketing Officer of New Relic (NEWR), where he fell in love with Quip as a customer (the “a-ha” moment for him was collaborating on the New Relic IPO S-1). Patrick is known for branding the “data nerd” term at New Relic and is one of the nerdiest, most data-driven marketing minds out there.

Why Now?

Our plans at Quip are intentionally bold:

Our goal at Quip is to build a new class of productivity tool that every person at every company enjoys using every single day.

Quip has already changed the way millions of individuals and over 30,000 of the most innovative companies around the world work together, and we're eager to bring it to the next million.

The way teams work has fundamentally changed. Work has become more collaborative, more mobile, more social, and more informal — and people are working whether they're flying 40,000 feet above the ocean or waiting for a bus in Turkey. While Microsoft Office helped onboard over a billion people to productivity apps in the 1980s and 1990s, we believe Quip can have the same impact in the post-PC era.

Why Quip?

Quip is different because it enables you to create and communicate in one place. Rather than writing in one product and sending an email attachment to actually talk about it, teams communicate directly inside Quip documents and spreadsheets. Quip's exceptional mobile experience enables you to respond to your colleagues in real-time whether you’re on the subway or on an airplane.

Quip changes the way teams work together. By blurring the line between writing and communication, the product has become both the central repository for our customers’ knowledge and their collaboration hub.

Quip is a consumer product that is built for the enterprise. It’s beautiful and simple, but it also has the IT and security features large enterprises need to deploy it at scale. We don’t think CIOs should have to choose between “secure” and “user friendly.”

What’s Next

We are going to continue to make Quip better, hopefully at an even faster pace.

If you’re sick of your team’s outdated tools, sign up for free, or contact our sales team if you want a live demo.

And if you're passionate about changing the ways teams work together, we'd love to talk to you about joining our team.