Release Notes

April 23, 2019

What's New

  • Rich Media Picker: Easily insert different types of media into a slide, spreadsheet, or document without leaving Quip. You can even search through stock photos and animated gifs to find the perfect image. Learn more
  • Document Toolbar: We've made documents more consistent with spreadsheets and slides by giving them a persistent toolbar of their very own. All your formatting and insertion controls in one place, right where you expect them.
  • Search within Folders: The advanced search page now includes a filter for searching within a specified folder. Perfect for when you remember where you put things, but can't quite remember what those things are.
  • In-product Banner: Admins can now display a customizable message across the bottom of their users' Quip windows. Perfect for announcing legal notices, policy guidelines, or anything else they'd like everyone to see. Learn more

Versions: Web, Mac 5.4.76, Windows 5.4.28