Release Notes

August 27, 2019

What's New

  • Insights and User Activity in the Admin Console: For Quip Admins. We now offer a view into site users, content, and activity through the new “Insights” tab in your admin console. With this new feature, we also allow you to export a CSV of your site data from the “Site Members” tab. Just click on the dropdown menu at the top-right corner of the window, then select “Export to CSV.” For Web.

  • Videos in Documents: Upload and and play videos directly in your documents. Add videos through the “Photos & Videos” button in the toolbar, the Insert menu, or type “@video” anywhere in a document. For Web, Mac, and Windows.

Versions: Web, Windows 5.11.2, Mac 5.5.33, iOS 5.5.5, Android 5.5.7