Release Notes

September 3, 2019

What's New

We’ve spruced up the admin console, which includes reorganizing the options to make finding functionality easier, and releasing a variety of security controls to keep your users and company safe. Changes include:

  • Reorganized Admin Console: We’ve reorganized where some settings live on the main navigation panel, so it’s easier to find what you’re looking for.
  • Improved Lookup Member Flow: Search for site members by name, as well as by email in the Site Members tab. Try out partial name matches too; search “Ben” to find “Benjamin Snow”, “Megha Benson”, and “”.
  • Redesigned Billing Page: Find billing information more easily on our redesigned billing page, including the ability to see how many licenses you’ve purchased.
  • Admin Audit Log: Easily track and audit admin actions. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.
  • Enable Legal Holds: Prevent all content from being deleted. Nothing changes on the members' end—they'll still be able to make edits, move documents to the trash, and change their personal information during a legal hold. Admins, however, will retain access to any deleted content until the hold is disabled. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.
  • Disable Public Link-sharing: Prevent your content from being shared via a public link, while permitting your users to share directly with trusted external vendors and partners. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.
  • Enforce Mobile Encryption: Require your users to have encryption enabled and set a passcode on their phones before they’re able to log into Quip or access content in the mobile app. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.
  • Improved Flow for Adding and Removing Domains: Decide whether members of your company with those domains can sign up automatically, or if they need to request accounts. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.

Versions: Web