Release Notes

September 23, 2019

What's New

  • Custom List Numbering: Start a list with any number you want. Just click on the dropdown menu to the right of any numbered list and select “Numbering....” You can choose a specific number, or you can have the numbering automatically pick up from wherever the previous list in the document left off. Good for lists that are separated by images, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Drag List Items to Rearrange: Drag numbered and bulleted list items up and down to rearrange them. You can even drag them from one list to another. Extremely convenient stuff.
  • Connect Quip to Salesforce Faster: We’ve cut down the number of steps to connect Quip to Salesforce—gone are the days of setting up your own OAuth Provider, external data source, and permission sets. Now users can log in to Quip with their Salesforce credentials—no need to remember two different logins and passwords. Available for Quip for Salesforce.
  • Add Quip Documents and Spreadsheets to Salesforce Records: Bring Quip documents, spreadsheets, and chat rooms directly into your Lightning apps with the Quip Document component. Your users get familiar Quip features like rich text editing, live updates, comments, and @mentions without leaving Salesforce. Create Quip templates to streamline your team’s workflows. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Stay Up-to-date with Quip Documents on Mobile: Keep your users productive and in the know no matter where they go with the Quip Document component. Add the component to page layouts in the Lightning App Builder to let users see Quip documents and spreadsheets attached to a record, all within the Salesforce mobile app. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Log Calls from Quip Documents: Team members can collaborate and log calls in Salesforce all within Quip. Now they can keep the conversation going in Quip while reporting their progress back to Salesforce. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Update your Salesforce List Views from Quip: Seamlessly add list views from Salesforce to a Quip document with the Salesforce List View live app. Keep lists current, share next steps, and add notes to the list or an individual item so your team is always up-to-date and ready to collaborate. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Add Salesforce Reports to Quip Documents: Insert live Salesforce reports into Quip documents with a simple @mention. Your reports embed within a Quip spreadsheet and auto-refresh with the latest report data so you can stop worrying about formulas and stay focused on business. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Share Quip Documents Embedded on a Record Automatically with Synced Permissions (Granular Permissions): Simplify document sharing within a Salesforce record with synced Salesforce record sharing permissions. Set permissions for your documents, such as View Only, Can Comment, or Can Comment and Edit, at the org level. Users that can access a record can now easily open any embedded Quip documents at the level set—no more worrying about manually granting access to each document. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • See Linked Salesforce Records from a Quip Document: Navigate effortlessly between a Quip document and its related record in Salesforce. Users can quickly jump to a record in Salesforce from its associated document in Quip so they can keep on top of their deals and notes at the same time. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Publish Einstein Analytics Dashboards and Lenses to Quip slides: Collaborate in Quip with exported images of Einstein Analytics lenses, widgets, and entire dashboards. The Analytics Share dialog now has an Export to Quip tab and a Connect to Quip button. Quip publishes each snapshot image to a new Quip slide deck. After publishing an Analytics snapshot, Quip users with document access can view the data in the image. Available for Quip for Salesforce
  • Update Quip Slides and Spreadsheets Automatically with Processes and Flows: Standardize presentations, automate repetitive slide deck generation, and keep data up-to-date with new Quip actions in Process Builder and Flow Builder. Create a process or flow to automatically update your spreadsheets, add content to your slide decks, and save your team time. Available for Quip for Salesforce

  • Quip Shield: Advanced security features that help enhance trust, transparency, compliance, and governance for the most security-conscious organizations. Contact Sales for more information.

    • Enterprise Key Management (EKM): Create, manage, and control access to your own encryption keys. Maintain full visibility into all key usage in an unchangeable audit log and respond to potential threats by granularly revoking access to your encrypted data at any time.
    • Event Monitoring: Real-time event logging readily ingested by Security Information and Event Monitoring (SIEM) systems and Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASB). Monitor for malicious activity, surface threats as soon as possible, and take immediate action.
    • Antivirus Scanning: Automatically scan files uploaded to Quip for malicious content. Help guard your business-critical data against known and unknown threats by preventing users from downloading potentially infected files.

Versions: Web, Windows 5.13.0, Mac 5.5.42, iOS 5.5.10, Android 5.5.9