Release Notes

November 12, 2019

What's New

  • Create Additional Quip Sites for Secure Partner Collaboration (Partner Sites) or non-production testing (Testing Sites): Admins can now use the Managed Sites feature to enable and manage two key workflows right from the Quip Admin Console. 1) Spin up a Partner Site and provision Quip access for your vendors to collaborate with your employees, and retain ownership and control of all content. 2) If you’re looking for a blank space to test out templates or site configuration options, just create a new Testing Site and provision a few users for testing. And, to help clarify these new types of site relationships, we’ve added two new types of user badges in the app: blue badges represent Partner Site relationships, and green badges represent Testing Site relationships. Check out full details on the admin experience, sharing controls and user badges here. For Quip Enterprise and Quip for Salesforce.

  • Filter the List of Document/Folder Members by Type: Now when you click the red External badge next to the title of your document or folder, the Share dialog opens and you can click “Manage” to see the full list of who has access. But rather than scrolling through the list to see who is an External member, who is a Partner Site member, and who is a Testing Site member, just use the new dropdown to filter the list by type, so you can easily know the audience of your document.

  • Capitalize Headers your Way: Previously, the smallest headings (H3s) were styled with all uppercase letters. For new documents (created on web; coming soon for apps), you can capitalize them as you’d like. H3s in existing documents will stay capitalized but can be updated per document from Document > Advanced > Uncapitalize Small Headings.

  • To Bold or Not To Bold (checklist items): For new documents (created on web; coming soon for apps), checklist items with sub-items will no longer be automatically bolded. You can decide for yourself if you prefer to bold or not to bold.

  • Working with Images: Images make documents shine. We’ve created a more natural experience to make it easier than ever before to insert, drag, arrange, and resize images in your documents.

  • Improved Accessibility on Spreadsheets: We’ve made improvements for screenreader users on Spreadsheets. Our latest changes are listed below, but check out our full Accessibility Guide here.

    • Options in the toolbar are all keyboard accessible
    • Cell labels for: formulas, formula errors, formula helper text, filter headers, and merged cells
    • “Skip to Content” button moves focus to cell A1
    • Tab order fixes - you are now able to tab from the toolbar to the cell in focus
    • Alt-F6 now goes to all different sections of the page including the sheet bar
    • For spreadsheets embedded in a document, we now announce when you are entering a spreadsheet and when you are exiting a spreadsheet

Versions: Web, Windows 7.0.0, Mac 7.0.1, iOS 5.16.0, Android 7.0.0