Release Notes

January 21, 2020

What's New

  • Data Reference: Reference a cell, range of cells, or sheet from one spreadsheet in another spreadsheet. Once referenced, data will always be synced from the source spreadsheet. You also have the ability to turn “sync formatting” off which allows you to apply your own formatting to the referenced data. Read more about this feature in our Blog Post or Support Article. For Web, Mac, Windows.

  • Quip for Salesforce Usage Metrics in the Quip Admin Console: Admins can now measure user adoption of Quip for Salesforce features in the Quip Admin Console. Use data to track engagement with Salesforce integrations in Quip and to make the most of your Quip for Customer 360 licenses. For Web, Mac, Windows.

Bug Fixes

  • Copying/Pasting a Spreadsheet with Adjusted Columns/Rows Will Keep the Adjusted Size: Before, when you pasted a spreadsheet with adjusted column widths/row heights, it would reset it to the default size. Now it respects user adjustments so you save time reformatting. For Web.

  • Copying/Pasting Spreadsheet Cells Is Now Fixed on iOS: You should now be able to copy and paste more than a few cells at one time and the app should no longer crash. For iOS.

  • Anchor Link Copy/Paste Improvement: Anchor links that: 1) refer to content in the same document and then, 2) get copy-pasted to a different document, now refer to the pasted section in the new document rather than the source document. For Web, Mac, Windows.

Versions: Web, Windows 7.2.1, Mac 7.2.0, iOS 7.2.3, Android 7.2.2