Release Notes

February 18, 2020

What's New

  • Quip Governance: We’ve created a new set of auditing and reporting features, designed to help companies meet industry and organizational data requirements. Quip Governance is available as a standalone add-on, and also included in the Quip Shield package. Contact your account executive or customer success manager for more information. This is a new SKU available for customers with Quip Enterprise and above.
    • Data Retention: Create policies to manage how long your site retains content and programmatically delete stale content.
    • Data Hold: Add individual users to data holds within Quip, ensuring their content will not be deleted.
    • Reporting: Reporting on data retention and data hold policies
  • New API Event Types We’ve added new event types to the Events API, including events related to link-sharing, governance features, and more. See here for additional details. For Quip Shield and Events API subscribers.

  • Easily Update a Filter: When data in a filtered range changes that affects what is being filtered, you will now see a “Update Filter” button to quickly apply the filter to the new data. Previously, you had to turn off/on your filter in order for it to apply to your new data.

  • Videos in Messages: Videos used appear in conversations as attachments. Now they render and play right in the message.

  • Indentable Paragraphs: Press tab to indent the paragraph to make your documents easier to navigate and read. Hitting Shift-Tab outdents it.

  • Reactions: Have some fun and express yourself with more than just a thumbs up. Now you can react to messages using the emoji of your choice!

Bug Fixes

  • Spreadsheet Export improvements: We have improved our .xlsx file export functionality to support the following: hyperlinks, images, merged cells, column width, row height, text alignment, text color, and time format.

  • Resizable Images in Lists: Images can now be re-sized when they’re a part of lists. Use the drag handles just like you would for images in paragraph sections.

  • Renamed Admin Action Log: We’ve renamed the Admin Audit Log to the Admin Action Log.