Release Notes

March 9, 2020

What's New

  • New Add/Edit Link UI: We refreshed the design for the Add/Edit Link flow to make it more user friendly. We also no longer require the user to input the http protocol for URLs. For Web and Desktop.

  • Message Forwarding: Messages can now be forwarded from one conversation to multiple other chats. If the viewer of the forwarded message has access to the source, they will see where the original message came from.

  • Redesigned Composer with GIFs and Stickers: The iOS composer has been modernized and we added the capability to add fun GIFs and stickers to your messages across your conversations. For Web, Desktop, and iOS.

Bug Fixes

  • Notification Updates:
    • Spreadsheet cell content is now included in email notifications. Previously, when you got an email notification for a comment in a cell, it only included the comment. Now, we include a preview of the cell so you know what is being commented on.
    • Opening a spreadsheet comment notification from an email or the notification drawer should now take you to the correct cell. Previously, if the comment was on a cell outside the viewport, clicking on the notification would not take you to the correct cell.

Versions: Web, Windows, Desktop, iOS