Release Notes

March 24, 2020

What's New

  • Subscripts and Superscripts: Format text in documents with subscripts and superscripts. Find these options in the Format menu or use the ⌘/Ctrl + , or ⌘/Ctrl + . keyboard shortcuts.

  • Group Folder Deletion: Admins can delete any group folder in the Group Folders section of the admin console.

  • Self-serve Unredacted Audit Access: There’s a new Unredacted Audit Access to All Members & Content permission, which you can grant using Admin Roles. Admins with this permission can view every document and every user at your site, export content sitewide, and otherwise have full access across your organization via the admin console. (If you’ve previously enabled these permissions for some admins or your entire site, you’ll see a section describing your Legacy Unredacted Audit Access under the Admin Roles section in Site Settings.)