Release Notes

April 14, 2020

What's New

  • API Scoped Tokens: When setting up an API key, admin users can set up scoped permissions to perform or restrict certain tasks for a user or admin. Admins can select the scopes in the Admin Console under Settings > Integration > API Keys. Required scopes are listed under each API call under the Quip API Documentation. Existing API calls will have all scopes turned on by default. For Web.

  • SCIM Token Generation: You can now generate your SCIM tokens within the Quip Admin Console. View your current token or setup a new SCIM token in the Admin Console under Settings > Integrations. For Web.

  • New Emoji in Reactions and Messages: You can now use Emoji 11, 12 and 12.1 characters in documents, messages and reactions. Now if your documents are too 🔥you can 🧯 if necessary. For Web, Mac, and Windows.

  • Live Salesforce Report “Change Owner”: The Change Owner feature allows users to take over ownership of a Salesforce report in Quip. We removed this feature in Quip due to low usage, but you can still change the ownership of a report in Salesforce. For Web, Mac, and Windows.