Release Notes

April 21, 2020

What's New

  • Organize your Favorites into Collections Keep your favorites tidy by bundling them into collections. If your list of favorites is taller than your sidebar, you’ll appreciate this one. (Also, for consistency, your favorites will always be contained to their drawer regardless of whether the sidebar is collapsed or expanded). Learn more. For Web, Mac, and Windows.

  • Selecting Multiple Cells in Spreadsheets: By holding down Cmd (on Mac) or Ctrl (on a PC) while clicking in a spreadsheet, you can select multiple cells to take action on. You can even drag after clicking to select multiple ranges. For Web and Desktop.

  • Quip for Customer 360 Features in VPC: Q4C360 features, such as live reports and live apps, are now fully supported in PCs. For Web, Mac, and Windows.

  • Sign into Your Account with Salesforce Sandbox SSO: Now you can easily sign into your or account with your Salesforce Sandbox login credentials. Simply select “Sign in with Salesforce Sandbox” on the sign in page. For Web.

  • IFTTT Integration: Due to low usage, we have decided to turn off our IFTTT integration feature in chat.